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November 19, 2009 11:37 am ET

Chai Feldblum Said "Gays Win, Christians Lose"

Conservative organizations claim that when asked about the rights of employers to follow their religious beliefs in hiring people, Chai Feldblum, a nominee for a position on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, replied, "Gays win; Christians lose." Yet there is no factual account of Chai Feldblum making such a statement.

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October 06, 2009 3:03 pm ET

Chai Feldblum's Positions Disqualify Her For Equal Employment Opportunity Post

Some on the far right claim Chai Feldblum's policy positions disqualify her for a position on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Unable to attack Feldblum's sterling credentials, opponents of her nomination are turning to vague personal attacks, out-of-context quotations and irrelevant criticisms that in no way reflect her ability to protect American workers from unfair (and illegal) discrimination as a member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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