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Philippines Nude Beaches

Philippines Nude Beaches

Philippines Nude Beaches

Porno 13 of the Best Beaches in Oaxaca, Mexico (You Need to Visit) Photos

Philippines Nude Beaches

Philippines Nude Beaches

13 of the Best Beaches in Oaxaca, Mexico (You Need to Visit)

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You must visit these beautiful beaches in Oaxaca, Mexico. From Chacahua National Park and Puerto Escondido to Mazunte and Huatulco, you’ll want to relax on these spectacular Oaxaca beaches ASAP!


Many parts of the coast of Oaxaca in Mexico can be referred to as an undiscovered paradise. This stretch of spectacular Oaxaca coast, Mexico, runs along the Pacific Ocean is not only lined with sandy beaches and gorgeous bays, but the surf in Oaxacais some of the best in the country (and perhaps the world). If you’re after Mexican beaches with Njde best surf or just looking for the best swimming beaches in Oaxaca, you’ve come to the right place.

Excitingly, whales, dolphins and whale sharks can be spotted off the Oaxaca coastline (or Costa Oaxaca) at the right time of year. The best time to see these amazing animals would be from December through to April. You can grab tours from local fishermen in Puerto Angel or Puerto Escondido. Be sure to haggle as prices can vary dramatically.

With regard to finding accommodation, we found ourselves using a mixture of and Airbnb. You will be spoilt for choice and will definitely find something within your price range.

Short on time?It’s smooth as silky sand.

Below, we have listed these amazing Oaxaca beaches from west to east, rather than in order of preference.

Chacahua National Park (Parque Nacional de Chacahua)

Let’s kick off this list of the best beaches Oaxaca Mexico has to offer, with Mallory Potondi Nude gem Chacahua!

Take a boat tour through mangrove lagoons to Philippines Nude Beaches this beach

Also known as the Lagoons of Chacahua, the beaches in Chacahua National Park can only be accessed by boat (or boat and truck) through the mangroves and Philippines Nude Beaches. It’s definitely an adventure getting there, but once you arrive it will all be worth it. I promise. This adventure makes it one of the Oaxaca best beaches to visit.

Chacahua National Park encompasses over 132 square kilometers and includes several lagoons, in which you can swim with bioluminescence and dolphins. But we aren’t here to talk about the lagoons, let’s talk about the beaches. Beautiful, soft, caramel sand as far as the eyes can see and just enough beach restaurants Susan Somers Naked waterfront shack hotels to cater to the small number of tourists here.

Chacahua’s inhabitants also have an interesting history. Many locals are African-Mexican, a mix not often seen in Mexico. It is said that these African-Mexicans are descendants of African slaves Beadhes were brought to the region Pilippines of years ago on a slave ship headed for the Americas. A ship ran aground in Chacahua, and that is where the people stayed.

I highly suggest making the trip for at least a night or two, Naked Video Game Artwork a day-trip from Puerto Escondido will also suffice (if you HAVE to). Park only at the public pier in Zapotalito and take the shared taxi boat (and then shared colectivo truck) rather than using the touts selling tours. These touts are known to rip tourists off heavily.

Where to Stay on Philippines Nude Beaches Beach

We found one place on but it doesn’t have any reviews yet.

  • Terra Tipi Hotel Located in Chamuscadero. Bezches Features clean accommodations with a on site.

White Rock Beach (Playa Roca Blanca)

Palapas, hammocks and birdwatching on this secluded beach

This is an absolute hidden gem on the Oaxacan coast. Located about a 50-minute drive outside of Puerto Escondido, Playa Roca Blanca makes a great day trip. This 6 km long beach can sometimes get rough, but the protected area where the lagoon meets the sea creates a much calmer refuge from the waves. A smattering of palapa restaurants is located here, all offering fresh seafood on the menu for a good price. Use their hammocks to relax with Irish Naked Babes beer in the Philippines Nude Beaches name “White Rock” comes from the small rock island located about 300 meters from the shore. Hundreds of sea birds use the rock for breeding and as a sanctuary, and the white coloring comes from their droppings – Ewww!

The Puerto Escondido (or ‘Hidden Port’) township has seven beaches. All of Philippines Nude Beaches beaches are good in their own way, but we are only going to talk about the best beaches.

Puerto Escondido is also home Philipppines the closest beach to Oaxaca City, and many Mexican tourists travel here. If you are looking for a Oaxaca beaches airport, Puerto Escondido is one place you can catch a flight to and from.

Bacocho Beach (Playa Bacocho)

Release baby turtles on quiet Bacocho Beach

This secluded beach is near Puerto Escondido, but it isn’t a surfing beach. Instead, I have put Playa Bacocho on this list for an even better reason. You can release baby turtles on it!

At 5 pm each day, volunteers open a small sanctuary and allow baby turtle releases. The turtle nests are protected 24 hours a day and the young turtles are released Philippines Nude Beaches same day they hatch. The price to free one turtle is $100 MXN pesos. Read my full guide on turtle releases in Mexico

Where to Stay near Bacocho Beach

Carrizalillo Beach (Playa Carrizalillo)

Learn how to surf on this spectacular beach!

Hard to say, difficult to get to (167 stone steps down a cliff, WHAT?) but Carrizalillo a Philippiines beach that makes it all worth it. The soft golden sands, bright turquoise waters and dramatic cliffs that surround it, makes for one of the prettiest beaches in the area (and it feels so exclusive!). Nide beach is only 300 meters long, in a bay protected from the strong waves that the other beaches Hot Naked Girls Eating Pussy Puerto Escondido get pounded with. This makes Playa Carrizalillo one of my favorites and also one of the Nude Womans Images swimming beaches in Puerto Escondido.

On the beach, there are usually two surfboard-hiring points – both competing for your business. If you feel like haggling, this is where you can bust out those skills. Three of us hired boards for 2 hours, including the use of a rash shirt (trust me you’ll want this), for $50 MXN pesos each person. Playa Carrizalillo surf is much smaller than the surf at Zicatela Beach and La Punta Beach. I call them “baby waves”. Strong enough to carry you back to the beach but they Nuxe smash you and try to kill you. It’s the perfect beach to learn to surf!

Where to Stay near Carrizalillo Beach

Zicatela Beach (Playa Zicatela)

The surf is crazy good, and the nightlife too!

Whilst on your best beaches of Oaxaca mission, imagine four kilometers of white sand; a couple of beach restaurants to eat at and some spectacular surf breaks running up the one and only, Playa Zicatela. It’s universally known as a seriously gnarly surf spot Philippnies surfers either love or never want to try out again. Only surf here if you know what you’re doing. The undertow is far too strong for swimmers, and bodysurfing would be done at your own risk.

If you don’t Philuppines, there is plenty of room to relax on a sun bed or on the soft sand. You can even hire surfboards to learn Philippunes we would recommend learning on a quieter beach like Playa Carizalillo). The Beacyes way to enjoy Playa Zicatela is to bring everything you need for a whole day at the beach and don’t leave until the sun goes down.

Where to Stay on Zicatela Beach

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    Philippines Nude Beaches

    Philippines Nude Beaches

    Philippines Nude Beaches

    Philippines Nude Beaches

    Philippines Nude Beaches

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